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Our tools are factory calibrated when initially sold, but in order to ensure accurate delivery of torque, a periodic re-calibration is required. TORQ Fusion® recommends that torque tools are calibrated at least once a year. Tools that are used at a higher duty cycle might require calibration every 6 months or at a different interval. Please consult with your sales representative or the factory for the appropriate interval.

When our factory performs calibrations we actually match the performance of the digital pressure gauge and regulator inside the FRL to the unique characteristics of the torque wrench (air motor and gearbox assembly) using specialized, proprietary equipment. In order for us to accomplish this we require that you send us both the FRL and the torque wrench. Upon completion we will affix a new torque chart on the FRL containing the following data:

• Tool model number
• Tool serial number
• Pressure/Torque correlation values
• Calibration date

Please contact us prior to sending in your equipment for calibration.

Although our tools are designed to operate virtually maintenance free, there are a few measures that must be taken in order to ensure trouble-free operation – please consult your tool’s User Manual for details.

In the event that you are experiencing difficulties with your TORQ Fusion® equipment please feel free to contact your sales representative or the factory immediately for assistance. If we can not resolve the problem over the telephone, we will ask that you send us the defective equipment for immediate diagnosis.

We offer many options in the event that repairs are needed, such as warranty replacement or repair, expedited service, temporary leasing and others. We are very sensitive to the fact that productivity comes first for our customers and always react with urgency.

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